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skin moisture tester
Important: If an item is lost or damaged during return shipment, it is the buyer`s liability to follow up with the concerned courier service. The associated funds will not be reimbursed by us. Please use traceable delivery services to ensure that items can be tracked for safe delivery. Items that are used or physically damaged will not qualify for a refund. Our refund service covers the cost of the item only, actual shipment charges will be deducted from the refunded amount even if the item is delivered through free economy services. The actual shipment amount is the fee that was paid by us to the courier service for processing the item to your delivery address. Refund Check Point 1.Refund—-30 days money back A refund can only be initiated within 30 days of payment. 2.Product —PackagingOriginal, sealed & unopened Any damage caused to the packaging of the product will void the buyer`s rights for refund. This includes damages caused by the courier service during delivery. 3.Product —Unused The product must be new and unused. Returning an used item will not qualify the buyer for a refund 4.Return Shipment —-Buyer`s responsibility The cost related to returning an order is the responsibility of the buyer. 5.Lost Shipment —Buyer`s responsibility If a package is lost during return shipment, please direct your claims at the delivery service. We urge the use of traceable shipping methods. 6.Return Duration —Maximum 50 days If the returned merchandise arrives over 50 days from the original purchase date, a 2% handling charge will be imposed. 7.Refunds before dispatch —Full refund If a customer requests for a refund before we dispatch an order, a full 100% refund will be granted. 8.Refunds after dispatch —Partial refund If a customer requests for a refund after we dispatch an order, the actual shipment cost will be deducted from the refunded amount. Further, the refund will only be granted once the item is returned and verified `as new`. 9.Invalid claims —Buyer`s responsibility If a returned product is not eligible for a refund, the customer will be responsible for the cost of reshipment. DOA Check Points Signing for Delivery Before signing for a delivery, carefully check its content. Any claims for compensation after a package is signed for will be presumed invalid. Rejecting a Delivery If the content of a parcel is damaged, missing or wrong, please reject the delivery and notify us immediately for replacement arrangements. Returning a Delivery after having signed for a delivery release. If you wish to return an item after having signed for its release, the cost involved with the return shipment will be payable by you. Requesting for replacement after having signed for a delivery release. If the content of a delivery is identified as broken or damaged after your signature is collected, you will have to obtain a replacement or repair through the use of our warranty service (All terms of warranty applies).

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Lost Shipments If a merchandise is shipped via registered postage and does not arrive within the recommended delivery time frame, customers are welcomed to make inquiries with regards to the status of the delivery. If we are unable to trace the item online, we will submit a track & trace request via the postal service (A procedure that could take up to 2 months). If the item is confirmed to be lost, we will make arrangements to reship the merchandise for free. Missing Items Sometimes when packages are torn opened for custom inspection, merchandise can get lost. If sufficient evidence can be provided by the customer to prove that there are items missing from the delivery, we will process reshipments to ensure customer satisfactory. However, if customers misuse our offering and provides false information, we will condemn their action by escalating the case to DHgate and their local law enforcement as online fraudulent. Incorrect Merchandise The chance of us delivering an incorrect item is rare, but it can happen. Please do not use or open the seal of the incorrectly sent item and return it to the deliverer`s address. Upon receiving the returned shipment, we will refund the cost of postage and reship the correct item together with a special gift as compensation. RETURN SHIPMENTS When delivering a registered package, the courier service would require your signature as a confirmation for the item`s release. If you are not available to sign for the delivery, the courier service will leave a note and it would then be your responsibility to make arrangements for redelivery. Under most circumstances the courier service would attempt to deliver the package for at least 3 times within 30 days, if all attempts are unsuccessful the package will be returned to us by `sea freight` which can require up to 2 months. Having received the returned shipment, we will notify the customer via email and provide the following options; 1. Reshipment: Customer would be liable for the cost of reshipping the merchandise. This cost may vary depending on the size and weight of shipment. 2. Refund: Customer can request for a refund but a percentage of the original payment would be subtracted to cover shipping and handling charges. Custom & Import Tax Normally we can declare the lower price for custom,so our buyer no need to pay so much tax EU we send out from our UK warehouse,soit is tax free.Sometimes import tax can be imposed by local governments as a duty to the importer for bringing in a product from outside its country. The value of the tax can vary payable by the by the addressee of the parcel. Feedback: We maintain high standards of excellence and strive for 100% customer satisfaction! Feedback is very important We request that you contact us immediately BEFORE you give us neutral or negative feedback, so that we satisfactorily address your concerns.thank you very very much for your support and understanding
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  • The UVA Light from a Woods Light causes skin to fluoresce Listed below are some useful colors Why is it useful to be examined with the Wood’s lamp? Normally your skin will not fluoresce, or shine, under the ultraviolet light. This test reveal different colors according to the type of skin disease, which may include: Golden Yellow (Tinea Versicolor) Pale Green (Trichophyton Schoenleini) Bright Yellowgreen (Microsporum Audouini or M. Canis) Aquagreen To Blue (Pseudomonas Aeruginosa) Pink To Pinkorange (Porphyria Cutanea Tarda) Ash-Leaf-Shaped Spot (Tuberous Sclerosis) Bluewhite (Leprosy) Pale White (Hypopigmentation) Purplebrown (Hyperpigmentation) Bright White, Or Bluewhite (Depigmentation, Vitiligo) Bright White (Albinism)

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